Another Amazing Image from Webb, This Time it’s Galaxy IC 5332

Марко Маркович

Dust lanes of IC5332. (Credit: NASA / ESA / CSA / Judy Schmidt)
Dust lanes of IC5332. (Credit: NASA / ESA / CSA / Judy Schmidt)

 The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) continues to both dazzle and amaze with its latest image, this time of Galaxy IC 5332, also known as PGC 71775, which is an intermediate spiral galaxy located approximately 30 million light years away. This comes after JWST released its first images at its full power, which includes the Carina Nebula, Stephan’s Quintet, Southern Ring Nebula, and SMACS 0723, the last of which was the deepest and sharpest image of the distant universe to date.

This most recent image of IC 5332 was processed by expert space image processor, Judy Schmidt, and can be seen on her Flickr page and website. She also shows a combination of IC 5332 in visible and infrared on her Twitter page, as well. Originally from New York City, Schmidt currently lives in Modesto, CA, according to her website.  

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