Ukraine’s anti-ship capability creates significant problems for the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation in the southern direction and makes it impossible to implement Moscow's plan to seize Odesa from the sea.

The UK Ministry of Defense said this in its latest intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine.

“Russia almost certainly perceives anti-ship missiles as a key threat which is limiting the effectiveness of their Black Sea Fleet. This has significantly undermined the overall invasion plan, as Russia cannot realistically attempt an amphibious assault to seize Odesa,” the report reads. 

The British intelligence added that Russia would continue to prioritise efforts to destroy Ukraine’s anti-ship capability. However, Russia’s targeting processes are highly likely routinely undermined by dated intelligence, poor planning, and a top-down approach to operations.

It is noted that Russian cruise missiles hit Ukraine’s Odesa port. “The Russian MoD claimed to have hit a Ukrainian warship and a stockpile of anti-ship missiles. There is no indication that such targets were at the location the missiles hit,” the report reads.

As reported, on July 23, the Russian forces struck the Odesa port with Kalibr cruise missiles. Two missiles were shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces. Two other missiles hit the port’s infrastructure facilities.