Russian occupiers castrated captured Ukrainian soldier and published recording. VIDEO

Марко Маркович

 The Russian occupiers mocked a captured Ukrainian soldier and cut off his genitals with a clerical knife.

The invaders published a video of the torture on the Internet and it appeared on several Telegram channels.

In the incomplete version of the video, you can see a bound prisoner, who is apparently being held by several people. Next to him is an occupant holding a clerical knife. The captive resists, but he is kicked in the head. In the last seconds of the video, the executioner cuts the man's underwear with a knife.

WARNING! Profanity!

The full version of the video is not published for ethical reasons. On it, the executioners cut off the captive's scrotum.

The executioner has already been identified. His personal data is published on the network.

Aroshanov Vitaly Valeriovich, date of birth - February 21, 1983. Phone numbers: 79169261270, 79779710839 79688136227. Passport number: 8514499211. PIN: 081408919308. SNILS: 12247005916. Address: Russia, Rep. Kalmykia, the city of Elista, micro district 4th, d. 48, sq. 16.

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