Since the beginning of the full-scale war, about 35,870 Russian service members, 1,582 tanks, 217 aircraft, 186 helicopters, and other enemy equipment have been eliminated in Ukraine.

As the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine posted on Telegram, the enemy’s combat losses totaled about 35,870 personnel from February 24 to July 2.

Moreover, 1,582 Russian tanks, 3,737 armored personnel vehicles, 800 artillery systems, 246 MLRS, 105 anti-aircraft systems, 217 aircraft, 186 helicopters, 144 cruise missiles, 15 ships and boats, 653 UAVs of operational-tactical level, 2,614 vehicles and fuel tanks, 61 units of special equipment have been eliminated since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

Russia's manpower losses in Ukraine total 35,870 soldiers

On February 24, Russia began a new stage of the eight-year war against Ukraine – a full-scale offensive. The Russian troops shell and destroy key infrastructure facilities, massively fire on residential areas of Ukrainian cities and villages using artillery, rocket launchers, aviation bombs, and ballistic missiles.