The OC "South" confirmed that Ukrainian forces struck the Antonivsky bridge in captured Kherson.

Natalia Humenyuk, head of the United Coordination Press Center of the Security and Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, announced this on the air of the telethon.

She emphasized that the  AFU are keeping under control strategically important logistical and transport routes that are of critical importance to the occupiers.

Humenyuk noted that the AFU do not destroy the infrastructure, but destroy the enemy's plans.

"The work of our artillery is so delicate and jewelry that it is more aimed at demoralizing the troops," she said.

When asked whether there were blows on the Antonivsky Bridge, Humenyuk answered: "There were blows, but they were filigree."

Recall also that on the evening of July 26, eyewitnesses reported that explosions were heard near the Antonivsky bridge across the Dnipro. In the morning, representatives of the occupation administration reported that traffic on the bridge was blocked.