Earlier today, we told you that Russia's defence ministry had claimed to have destroyed two advanced US-made HIMARS rocket systems and their ammo depots in eastern Ukraine. 

Video footage described as showing the strike was also released by the ministry. 
However, Ukraine has now accused Russia of spreading false information about the strike. 
In a Telegram post, Ukraine's general staff of the armed forces said: "Russian propagandists are actively spreading false reports about the alleged destruction of the American HIMARS artillery system.

"We emphasise that these messages do not correspond to reality and are nothing more than another Russian fake.

"The HIMARS jet systems, provided by American partners, constantly inflict devastating blows on strategically important points of the enemy, which leads to colossal losses among the equipment, personnel and support of the occupying forces."

The United States has committed to sending in eight HIMARS to Ukraine, and at least four of HIMARS have already arrived in the country.