Ukraine repulses two Russian offensives on administrative border of Luhansk region

 From the side of Lysychansk over the past day, the enemy alternately, and sometimes simultaneously, attacked various sections of the administrative border between Luhansk and Donetsk regions, but all the attacks were repulsed.

The head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Haidai, delivered the news via Facebook.

"On July 22, there were at least two directions of offensive by the Russians in the region. Lysychansk and the surrounding occupied villages lie dozens of kilometers along the line that the Russians have been dreaming of advancing to for the past months. They submitted relevant reports to the leadership multiple times, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine had other plans and until today never allowed the enemy to realize these intentions," Haidai said. 

According to the official, the front line in the Lysychansk direction remains “very large,” so the threat comes from different locations every time. Yesterday alone, the Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled the assaults in the direction of Verkhnokamianske and Siversk. Invaders have also become less confident in their power in recently captured towns and villages.

"About 10-15% of the population remained there. Mostly, it’s the elderly people and the so-called ‘waiting ones’ (pro-Russian population - ed.) But the occupiers also see enemies in them. In Siverodonetsk, an office was opened to issue passes for movement across the occupied territory, which limits people’s freedom of movement. Only after you stand in a long line, pass fingerprint IDying and vetting may you be allowed to go to the hospital in the neighboring town that’s if you don't die on the way," said the head of the Luhansk Region.

As reported, enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups have intensified their efforts in Luhansk region, which is due to the lack of ammunition among the Russian forces.