The latest British intelligence paints a picture of an exhausted Russian army which has been engaging in combat since late February. 

A "lack of scheduled breaks from intense combat conditions" is "highly likely one of the most damaging of the many personnel issues" facing the Russian army currently, the UK's Ministry of Defence has said. 

It also emerged that a Russian-language media agency based in Russia had uploaded a video of the wives of Russian soldiers pleading for their husbands to come home in late June. 

The soldiers, from Russia's Eastern Military District's 36th Combined Arms Army, were said to be "mentally and physically exhausted". 

Meanwhile, the MoD also offered an update on the latest military advancements - which seem to be minimal. 

It said Russian artillery bombardments had continued in the north of Ukraine's Donbas region but "probably without any major territorial advances".

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces are continuing to apply pressure on Russian troops in the occupied Kherson region. 

Ukraine has hoped to launch a counteroffensive in the region but has said it is dealing with a lack of sufficient weaponry.