Aggressor launches 11 missile strikes on Kramatorsk

Russian troops launched 11 strikes on Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, this night, hitting a private residential sector.

"Kramatorsk survived 11 missile attacks this night. Russians struck a private sector. According to preliminary information, three residential buildings were damaged. Fortunately, nobody was killed or injured," Pavlo Kyrylenko, Head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, posted on Facebook.

In addition, the invaders fired missiles at Kurakhove, hitting a two-story residential building in the town center, damaging private houses and a center for culture and leisure, where internally displaced persons were sleeping. None of them was injured.

As a result of strikes, fires broke out in the town and people got trapped under the rubble of destroyed buildings. At present, a woman was rescued from the rubble and the bodies of two dead men were retrieved.

Kyrylenko once again underscored that the Russians were purposefully hitting the civilian infrastructure, turning the Ukrainian towns and villages into ruins, and killing the local population, so it was dangerous to stay in the region. The head of the administration called on people to evacuate to save their lives.

As reported, yesterday morning, Russian troops fired S-300 missiles at the private sector of Kramatorsk, damaging houses.