Blue-yellow bracelet on hand of exhumed body in Izium. PHOTO

Марко Маркович

 During the exhumation, a body with a blue-yellow bracelet on its arm was discovered in deoccupied Izium. WARNING! The news contains photos that are not recommended for viewing by minors, pregnant women and people with a weak psyche!

The photo was made public by journalist Yuriy Larin.

Earlier it was reported that a mass burial of 440 bodies was discovered in liberated Izium.

Serhii Bolvinov, head of the investigative department of the police of the Kharkiv region, said this in a comment to Sky News and Oleg Kotenko, Commissioner for Missing Persons, commented to "Present time", reports Censor.NЕТ with reference to Ukrainian truth.

"I can tell you that one of the largest burials in one liberated city is located here, with more than 440 graves," Bolvinov said.

According to Bolvinov, the bodies are buried separately.

Asked if he could say how the people buried there died, he said, "We know that some were killed [shot], some died from artillery fire, so-called mine blast injuries. Some were killed by airstrikes. Many bodies have not yet been identified, so the causes of death will be determined in the course of the investigation."

Bolvinov noted that all the bodies would be exhumed and sent for forensic examination.

At the same time, the "Real Time" TV channel, a project of Radio Liberty and Voice of America, published photos of mass graves in the forest in Izyum obtained from Ukrainian journalists.

"Some of the graves have crosses and inscriptions on them. Somewhere there are even wreaths. Somewhere there is nothing, only a grave. The inscriptions: 'AFU, 17 people, from the morgue', '345', '412'," said in his telegram channel .

Commissioner for Missing Persons Oleg Kotenko confirmed to "Present Time" the authenticity of the photos.

On the air of the TV channel, he said that the occupants themselves had published a video of this burial in Izium, so the Ukrainian forces were looking for it.

"And there's a registry somewhere that I think will tell us where they took this body for burial. We're working on that right now, and I think we'll find those lists and we'll understand what kind of person it was, why she was given a number and not a last name.
But there are surnames there, and there are also wreaths, and the date of death is there on some of them, too. Most, I think, died under shelling, we have already figured that out by the dates: people died when they were beating on the city from artillery," said Kotenko. 

The head of Kharkiv RMA Synehubiv stated that 99% of exhumed bodies from Izium have signs of violent death. President Zelensky said that Russia repeated in Izium what it did in Bucha. 

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