It is difficult to predict the exact date of the end of the war. However, after a few more victories of the Armed Forces, the Russians will begin to flee.

Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

The minister said that he had a feeling that the fight would not be long.

"I am convinced that a few more successes at the front in the form of certain, albeit insignificant, but victories, and the Russian troops will run, and they will, believe me, because today we are destroying their logistics chains, warehouses, and so on. And the question will arise: and where should they go? And morale... it will be like an avalanche, one line of defense will shake and it will fall," he said.

Reznikov added that Russia has nothing to feed its soldiers or refuel its tanks because the Armed Forces are cutting off their supply chains. And now, with the use of high-precision artillery and equipment, there is a great chance that "this avalanche (the escape of the occupiers. - Ed.) will fly faster."

In addition, Russian soldiers believed that they would take Ukraine in a few days, that they would be greeted with flowers, but they began to be killed here.

"I will give you the criterion of my understanding of the end of this war. It is very simple, there are two of them - our border guards on all borders recognized in 1991, it is such a formal and legal one.
And realistically, when you and I meet at Boryspil airport, you will get on a plane with your family members, departing, for example, to Turkey, and I and my wife will fly, relatively speaking, also to Turkey, and we we will discuss with you in which hotel you plan to stay on vacation... This will mean that peace has come to Ukraine," Reznikov said.