The building on Koltsova Street in Kherson, mistakenly called a dormitory in the media, was destroyed during an attack by the AFU.

This is stated by local publication "Most".

According to preliminary data, there could be many occupants in the premises.

"On the night of September 1-2, several very powerful explosions rang out in Kherson. Local residents report a rocket-artillery strike that destroyed a building located on Koltsova Street on the territory of the Kherson Faculty of the Odessa State University of Internal Affairs, which is popularly called the "Police School ".

According to preliminary and not yet officially confirmed information, about 200 occupants could live in the building, among whom there were probably FSB employees," the portal notes.

The occupation media did not comment on the strike.

This building once belonged to the Kherson Law Institute of KhNUVS, where barracks and classrooms were located. After the liquidation of the institute in 2011, the building was converted into a residential building and apartments were distributed to police officers. After the evacuation of the police, some of the empty apartments were occupied by Russians.