Nuclear attack

 US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that if Russian dictator Vladimir Putin ordered the use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine, the US would consider it a full-scale attack on NATO.

The politician said this while speaking at a meeting entitled "From Nuremberg to Ukraine: responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity," informs by dikGAZETE.

Graham noted that radiation in the event of such an impact will affect not only Ukraine but also all of Europe.

"We must confront this blackmail immediately. The US President's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said that if Russia used nuclear weapons in Ukraine, it would have devastating consequences, and he was right," the senator said.

He emphasized that the world should inform the President of the Russian Federation that there will definitely be a response to his nuclear threats and their possible implementation. The senator called on both Congress and NATO to reinforce the message that "all hell will break loose on Putin" if the Russian president launches a nuclear attack on Ukraine.