Over 900 elite Russian soldiers were eliminated in war in Ukraine

 The mass media confirmed the death in Ukraine of more than 900 Russian elite military specialists: special forces, marines, and paratroopers.

This is reported by the BBC.

In particular, the BBC established the death of 151 servicemen of the FSU special forces, almost every fourth of them was an officer (22%).

Is also known about the death of 245 employees of the Russian Guard, most of them were part of special purpose units (special forces, SWAT, and riot police), and almost every fourth had the rank of officer. At least 16 of the dead were owners of a special distinction, the speckled beret, which is a symbol of the elite of special forces.

From open sources it is also known about 20 FSS and FST employees died in Ukraine, among the dead are employees of the most classified units.

According to open data, the 331st Guards Airborne Regiment from Kostroma suffered the greatest losses among paratroopers: more than 80 officers died, including the regiment commander. In the most elite detachment of the Airborne Forces - the 45th Guards Special Forces Brigade - it was possible to establish the death of 14 servicemen.

According to open data, the 810th brigade, based in occupied Crimea, suffered the largest losses among marines. At least 56 people are known to have died, including two brigade commanders.

The BBC also reports the deaths of 67 military pilots, including navigators and flight mechanics. As the publication notes, the crews of combat aircraft and helicopters are the elite of any army in the world, and the training of one sniper pilot can last 15-17 years.

According to the BBC, referring to Western and Russian military experts, the combined military units of the Russian army were not ready for assaults. Thus, the Russian special forces, marines, and paratroopers had to solve tasks that are usually set before the infantry.

According to the experts cited by the BBC, it will be problematic for the Russian Federation to compensate for the loss of all these specialists.