On the territory of the Shaykovka military airfield in the Kaluga region of Russia, which is located 200 km from the Ukrainian border and 270 km from Moscow, an explosion occurred due to the fall of a drone. As the head of the region, Vladyslav Shapsha, said, the device "arrived from the border".

As reported LB.ua reports with reference to its sources that the drone took off from the territory of Ukraine and flew unhindered 200 km from the border. Russian air defense proved to be completely powerless.

"According to our information, two Tu-22M3 bombers were destroyed. The Russian authorities are trying to suppress information about the losses as a result of the attack," the publication says.

The 52nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment is based in Shaykovka. It is from this airfield that Russian Tu-22M3 take off - long-range strategic missile-carrying bombers. It is from them that X-22 missiles are launched on the territory of Ukraine. Unguided FAB-3000 bombs were dropped on the defenders of Azovstal from the same planes. Russian "Kinzhal" missiles flew from them to the Odesa region.

We will remind you that recently Russia has intensified attacks by attacking drones on Ukrainian military and civilian infrastructure. The occupiers fired them, in particular, at Odesa, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, and Bila Tserkva. 60% of the aircraft are shot down by Ukrainian air defense.