Ukrainian intelligence has confirmed the destruction of two Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters at the airfield in the Pskov Oblast on the night of 31 October. Two more helicopters were severely damaged.

Source: Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on Telegram

Quote: "On the night of 31 October, a powerful explosion occurred at the Veret Russian Naval Aviation air base (Pskov Oblast, Ostrov-5). Two Russian Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters were completely destroyed. Two more were severely damaged."

Details: The Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Directorate reported that in order to clean up the aftermath of the explosion and find "sabotage groups", the personnel of the military unit were put on alert. Investigative actions are underway. Details regarding the destruction of other equipment and the deaths of personnel are being confirmed.

Ukrainian intelligence recalls that the cost of one Ka-52 helicopter is about US$16 million.

Background: On the morning of 31 October, anonymous Telegram channels reported that an explosion damaged two Ka-52 helicopters in Pskov Oblast of the Russian Federation, which were located on the territory of a military airfield near the Russian-Latvian border. 

At about 22:00 (apparently on 30 October), the unit's servicemen heard several explosions and then saw the wreckage of two helicopters scattered around. 

"The explosion was so powerful that the fragments of the fuselage were scattered 200 metres around. It is unknown for what reason the Ka-52 helicopters exploded," Baza writes.