The Security Service seriously took up the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate, which is almost the largest agent network of the Russian FSB in Ukraine.

This is reported by political expert Taras Zahorodniy.

According to him, this is confirmed by yesterday's SSU searches in Vinnytsia region of Metropolitan Ionafan, who is accused of inciting religious enmity and supporting Russian aggression.

"Finally, the SSU took on the Moscow priests. I think that two factors coincided here. First, there is a war in the country, and it is impossible to delay any further, because Russian agents in Ukrainian churches spread theses of Russian propaganda every day. Second, with the arrival of the head of the SSU Vasyl Maliuk's service finally began to press the FSB agents in a cassock," the expert notes.

According to Zahorodniy, among the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate there are still a number of agents of the Russian special services who have KGB officer epaulettes.

"All 30 years of independence, they told Ukrainian parishioners about the 'Russian peace', and today they justify the invasion of the Russian Federation. And some of the priests of the UOC MP sat at the ceremony in the Kremlin, when Putin signed documents on the annexation of parts of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk and Donetsk regions in September regions," wrote Zahorodniy.

According to the expert, such actions of the SSU are the beginning of the purge of the Russian intelligence network among priests.

"The search of the Moscow priest is a rather powerful signal to society about how the special service will behave in the church issue in the future. There is hope that the SSU will finally clean up the Russian agents in robes," Zahorodniy emphasized.

He also suggested that in case of detention of pro-Russian priests, they should be exchanged for "Azov" or other prisoners of war. In addition, the expert considers the prohibition of the UOC-MP at the state level quite real.

"If the Security Service of Ukraine was able to collect materials for banning OPFL and the Shariy party, it means that we can already work on the complete ban of the Moscow church in Ukraine," said Taras Zahorodniy.