On the morning of 3 November, explosions rang out at the Refma plant in Melitopol, where the Russian forces have set up their headquarters.

Source: Ivan Fedorov, Mayor of Melitopol; Volodymyr Rogov, Russian collaborator, on Telegram

Quote from Fedorov: "Melitopol’s occupiers were awakened by explosions instead of alarm clocks. It was very loud in the southern part of the city at 05:00. Early reports indicate that part of the Refma plant, which has been occupied by the Russians and which housed one of their main headquarters, has been destroyed."

Details: Melitopol Mayor added that Russia’s losses are currently being confirmed.

Russian collaborator Volodymyr Rogov has confirmed this morning’s explosions in Melitopol.

He said that six powerful explosions rang out between 05:40 and 05:50 on the morning of 3 November.

However, he claimed that the sounds accompanied the deployment of the city’s air defence system.