A bust of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was dismantled in Kharkiv. Its future fate will be decided by the townspeople after Ukraine’s victory in the war.

This is reported by the press service of the Kharkiv City Council. 

"Pushkin's bust has been dismantled and sent to responsible storage. Its further fate - whether it will be kept in a museum, or whether it will find another place in the cultural and historical space of Kharkiv - will be decided by the people of Kharkiv after the Victory of Ukraine. This monument, and perhaps others should be preserved, and their further fate will be decided democratically, but already in peacetime, by the people of Kharkiv," the message reads.

It is also reminded that Kharkiv is one of the most affected cities of Ukraine from racist weapons and aggression. The city council understands the feelings of those Kharkiv residents who do not want to see Russian toponyms in their city and share their desire to rethink the cultural and historical environment of the city.

"As one of the options for such a rethinking, Pushkin's bust can become part of the exposition dedicated to the Ukrainian national liberation movement, because more than a hundred years ago, even before the revolution of 1917, it was going to be demolished by the activists of this movement. But how will this question be resolved?" "The people of Kharkiv will decide after the Victory of Ukraine," added the city council.