A video with Turkish attack drones Bayraktar, for which Ukrainians raised funds in the summer, killing Russian occupiers and destroying their equipment at the contact line, has been posted.

Source: The YouTube channel of Serhii Prytula, TV presenter and volunteer

Details: According to Prytula, the video shows the work of the drones with call signs Triastsia [the Ukrainian equivalent for "shaking," it is often used in the Ukrainian language as part of the obscene expression - ed. ], Kovinka [In Ukrainian, this means a carved stick, or walking stick; a component of the Ukrainian national costume - ed. ] and Khalepa [in Ukrainian, this means misfortune - ed.].


  • These three drones were donated by the Turkish manufacturer Baykar Makina to the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the fundraising campaign of the Prytula Charitable Foundation, which lasted three days in June. Almost 3 million people made over 1.3 million transactions, raising UAH 600 million [approximately $16 million - ed.].
  • Prytula called the "People’s Bayraktars" Triastsia, Kovinka and Khalepa.
  • The raised UAH 600 million was spent on the purchase of a satellite for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.