'We need justice': Ukraine's first lady calls for special tribuna

 In a historic speech to British MPs in Westminster, Ukraine's first lady calls on the UK to help bring justice for Ukraine. 

She says that "victory is not the only thing we need - we need justice".

Echoing the comments by Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, she compares the current conflict with the Second World War and says the sirens heard across Ukraine are "identical to those heard by the British generations who did not surrender, and we will not surrender". 

It would have been unthinkable for the Nazis to have not faced justice after the war, she says, so the same should be done for Russia. 

Ms Zelenska urges the UK to help set up a "special tribunal" against Russia to hold it "responsible for the crime of war and terror".

She says the UK could become a world leader on the matter.

Describing the recent energy blackouts faced by Ukraine, she says surgeons were left performing operations in the dark, transport services stopped and communication became difficult.

She also describes horrific acts of sexual violence allegedly perpetrated by Russian troops, including the rape of a four-year-old girl.  

In Kherson, Ms Zelenska says Russian forces are still carrying out "planned, cruel attacks" on civilians, schools and hospitals. 

She says these orders would have come from senior Russian leadership. 

Meanwhile, she says 200,000km of Ukraine remains covered in mines and unexploded munitions left behind by Russian troops.

As she finishes her speech, the MPs - who include former prime minister Boris Johnson - stand up and applaud her.