Belarusian authorities consider 2 versions of S-300 missile falling on territory of Belarus

 The Belarusian authorities have confirmed that a missile from an S-300 anti-aircraft missile system fell on the territory of the country. Aleksandr Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed president of the country, has already been informed about the incident.

Source: BelTA, Belarusian state-owned national news agency

Quote: "The head of state was immediately informed about the event. On his behalf, a group of experts from among the employees of the investigative committee and the Ministry of Defence is establishing what caused the fall."

Details: The Belarusian authorities claim that the missile fell from the territory of Ukraine.

It is reported that two main versions of the event are being considered: the missile flew into the territory of Belarus, similar to the recent incident in Poland, when the missile flew in the wrong direction, or the missile was shot down due to the operation of the air defence systems of Belarus.

As Belaruski Hajun reported, a missile from an S-300 air defence system fell near the village of Harbacha, in Brest Oblast in Belarus, on the morning of 29 December.

On that day, Russia launched air- and sea-based cruise missiles, as well as anti-aircraft guided missiles at Ukraine’s energy infrastructure facilities. Ukrainian air defence systems have destroyed 54 cruise missiles out of the 69 launched by Russian forces.